Fireplace alternatives: modern versions of the classic wood fireplace

Even if firewood-powered fireplaces look classic and nostalgic, there are a few disadvantages to operating one. More and more people are therefore looking for a practical and modern variant that is easy to use and install. Nevertheless, the fireplace should have the advantages of a classic wood fireplace.

Fireplace alternatives

The fireplace alternatives to choose from are:

  1. Gas fireplaces
  2. Ethanol fireplaces
  3. Electric fireplaces

There are many reasons for switching to a modern fireplace variant: complex installation, regular maintenance and approval by the chimney sweep, environmental protection, storage of the fuel and much more.

Here is a list of most of the reasons:

  • smoke
  • Soot
  • ashes
  • costs for wood
  • wood storage
  • it is more difficult to light a wood fire than with the modern alternatives
  • wood waste that needs to be disposed of
  • a large chimney is required
  • the living room is usually optically dominated by the fireplace

There must be lighter alternatives for a fireplace … and there are:

Gas fireplace: a safe source of heat

Gaskamin A gas fireplace is easy to use. Especially the more expensive models are in no way inferior to a real wood fire. Many are supplied with ceramic imitation logs, but you can also reorder them without any problems. If you want a modern version, stones are also great. Or you can leave the fireplace insert as it is. The gas is either fed in directly via a gas line – if a connection is available. Otherwise the gas is bought in a bottle and connected.

The advantages of a gas fireplace are:

  • fire is easy to light
  • flame is constant
  • heat emission
  • easy to regulate (some models even come with a remote control)
  • more efficient than a wood fireplace
  • there is no need to procure or store wood

However, there are also disadvantages:

  • expensive to buy and install
  • requires an air vent and gas connection

Find out more about gas fireplaces here: learn more

Ethanol fireplaces: the inexpensive and elegant variant

all ethanol fireplaces An ethanol fireplace is a great alternative, both for a wood fireplace and for a gas fireplace. Ethanol fireplaces are easy to install and available for comparatively little money. In addition, they are partially movable and can therefore be used in different rooms. Other models (ethanol wall-mounted fireplaces) can be attached to the wall in a free-floating manner. The fuel (bio ethanol) can be stored well and space-saving. Bio ethanol is available in 1 liter bottles. The bottle usually lasts for several hours.

In summary, the most important advantages are:

  • easy installation: just set it up and you’re done
  • no chimney connection necessary
  • no soot and no ashes
  • easy operation

You can find more advantages and disadvantages here .

Summary of the fireplace alternatives

Wood fireplaces are slowly becoming a bit out of fashion and are being replaced by modern, environmentally friendly fireplaces. Of course, wood fireplaces also have positive effects such as the cracking of the burning wood and the pleasant heat radiation. But not everyone can put a wood fireplace in their apartment or house, for reasons of safety and space.

Gas fireplaces are a good option, but again, there are installation requirements. The acquisition costs are also not cheap.

Ethanol fireplaces are a practical, inexpensive and really nice option. They can usually be installed by yourself without any difficulty, as no connection to a chimney or gas pipe is necessary. Bioethanol burns absolutely cleanly and environmentally friendly.

If you don’t want to have a fire in your living space, a modern electric fireplace is the best choice. Above all, the safety aspects and the inexpensive and simple operation are to be emphasized.

Ultimately, it is a personal decision which type of fireplace you choose. Each of the three presented variants is easy to use and creates a nice atmosphere and a warm feeling on a cool evening.

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