Ethanol fireplace made of stainless steel: elegant and functional design element


Fires have always fascinated people. But not everyone has the opportunity to set up a wood-burning fireplace. Some do not even want that because they are looking for a modern and simple variant. A good option here is a stainless steel ethanol fireplace . You do not need a chimney for operation and you do not have to observe any building regulations. It couldn’t be easier, even if your space is limited or you have an Want to enjoy fire in unusual places like the bathroom . The design of the chimneys focuses on the increased demands of modern people who do not have time for the laborious procurement of fuel or the laborious cleaning of a fireplace. All you need to operate an ethanol fireplace is a location that gives you a clear view of a harmonious picture of the flames.

Perfect for wall mounting: ethanol fireplace made of stainless steel

Stainless steel is one of the materials that is characterized by a long service life, easy-care properties and a touch of elegance. Opt for a stainless steel ethanol fireplace, which you can combine with any ambience to create a tasteful ensemble. Discover the puristic charm of high-gloss or matt brushed stainless steel as a suitable frame for your fireplace. Wall models are a space-saving option for installing a stainless steel ethanol fireplace wherever you want to enjoy cozy warmth and blazing flames. And best of all: the environmentally friendly fuel ethanol burns almost residue-free and odorless. Be inspired by models that combine an expressive design with special burner technology and maintenance-free properties.

Suitable for every room: ethanol fireplace in stainless steel look

Create a special room experience with an elegant ethanol fireplace made of stainless steel. High-quality designs are equipped with refined decorative elements such as logs or stones that appear deceptively real. Set accents with a wall fireplace that will catch the eye and enjoy an unobstructed view of flames, the intensity of which you can influence yourself. If you prefer a free-standing model, or would you like to upgrade a previously unused corner of the room, an ethanol fireplace made of stainless steel is the perfect solution. No matter whether it’s a wall model, a practical table fireplace or a free-standing ethanol fireplace made of stainless steel should be – when buying, pay attention to important equipment details that increase your safety potential. A spill protection in the combustion chamber prevents ethanol from escaping in an uncontrolled manner. Do not pour fuel into the combustion chamber while it is still warm. A look at the operating instructions provides information about the safety rules to be observed. The combustion chamber is the heart of a fireplace, where ethanol is burned efficiently. In addition to water vapor, carbon dioxide is also generated, but this is not harmful to your health, provided you ventilate your room regularly. Use a stainless steel ethanol fireplace for romantic hours in the open air. Table models can be positioned anywhere and are guaranteed to be a popular meeting place at your next garden party. These mobile fireplaces develop a special elegance when the materials glass and stainless steel meet. These easy-to-transport and yet compactly designed table fireplaces are an eye-catcher outdoors and in the entrance area on a great chest of drawers. Choose safe and modern technology when you choose a stainless steel ethanol fireplace.

Environmentally friendly open fire for individualists

Browse through our fireplace selection and discover models in different sizes, robust materials and designs that fit perfectly into your room concept. Would you like to benefit from the mobility of a fireplace? Then table fireplaces in a compact design is the right choice. A ethanol fireplace in stainless steel becomes an eye-catcher if it is placed freely in the room as a free-standing model. From every angle you can enjoy an unobstructed view of the balanced play of flames and enjoy relaxing hours in a cozy atmosphere. Rely on the high safety standards that our fireplaces guarantee and observe the safety regulations when using ethanol. Ventilate a room regularly – that’s all you need to consider when operating an ethanol fireplace. Any questions? Then contact us: 0049 30 609 897 78 or by mail:

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