Ethanol fireplace in the bathroom – relaxing hours in the home oasis of wellbeing

 wall-mounted fireplace-bathroom

My home is my castle “- who would want to contradict this statement? Arriving home after a stressful day and unwinding is a basic need today. For many contemporaries, a harmonious play of flames is simply part of spending cozy hours in front of a fireplace. Do not do without campfire romance if you do not have the structural requirements such as a chimney. Apartments in metropolitan areas often do not offer the necessary space for the classic wood fireplace. The practical solution is then: ethanol fireplace. The manufacturers have adjusted to the specific needs of people who want to set up a fireplace or mount it on the wall wherever they want a pleasant room atmosphere. Today you can find ethanol fireplaces in all imaginable sizes and designs. Be inspired by models that give your home an individual touch.

Bathroom with feel-good comfort – with an ethanol fireplace it becomes possible

Are you one of those people for whom chimney-less fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular? So why not put a modern ethanol fireplace in the bathroom? Light a fire at home too, because it is not only in a luxurious bathroom that an atmosphere can be conjured up in which you can relax. Let yourself be inspired by elegant ethanol fireplaces, whereby the criterion of security must not be neglected. Before you decide to buy, you should put your personal requirements to the test. Models of well-known brands can be operated smoke-free and odorless, but you should also bear in mind that a classic ethanol fireplace is not suitable for replacing a heating source. However, if you are primarily interested in enjoying the harmony of blazing flames in the bathroom, ethanol fireplaces are guaranteed to meet your requirements for a cozy atmosphere. You benefit from the fact that no fire protection regulations have to be observed and that the operation of your fireplace only requires ethanol, a fuel that burns without residue. Use this fireplace variant as additional heating in the transition period and conjure up a touch of luxury in your bathroom.

Targeted planning: ethanol fireplace for individualists

Fans of an open fire should think about where to place their ethanol fireplace in the bathroom at an early stage in order to make the most of all the benefits. Dress up a high-quality burner with different materials according to your mood. You have the choice between free-standing fireplaces, which you can move around and permanently installed, and which you can enjoy a view from your bathtub. Fireplaces look timelessly elegant with cladding or a frame made of matt brushed stainless steel. Choose a model with flexibly adjustable flame size and a fuel capacity that suits your user behavior. With a burning time between 2 and 5 hours you will find ethanol fireplaces with a volume for 2 to 5 liters of fuel.

Ethanol fireplace: safety has priority

With an ethanol fireplace, discover a design element with functions that not only creates a special room atmosphere, but also scores with high safety standards. Also note that in addition to water vapor, carbon dioxide is also produced during combustion. It is therefore essential to ensure that your bathroom is adequately ventilated. The quality of the device technology is also of great importance. When buying an ethanol fireplace, therefore, pay attention to burners that meet the current safety standards. Decorative fireplaces that run on liquid fuels should meet all safety standards for use in private households. Seals of approval are important indicators for a safe ethanol fireplace. Make sure that open flames are always in a safe location and when refueling you take into account that this should never be done when the fireplace is still hot. Fireplaces of high quality fireplaces have a Marking that provides information about the maximum filling quantity. If you observe all safety regulations, nothing stands in the way of your enjoyment of benefiting from the harmony of blazing flames in your own bathroom.

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