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Are you planning a do-it-yourself project? We have the right burners for you. Choose between burners with remote control (automatic), fleece burners and ceramic firing systems.

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A safe and high-quality ethanol burner is the prerequisite for building an ethanol fireplace yourself. After all, you should have maximum success and fun with your self-construction project. But the same applies here: Safety comes first!

TÜV test and safety of the ethanol burner
Three factors are particularly important here: the material used, the absorption function and easy extinguishing of the fire.



The combustion chamber is made of high quality stainless steel, except for the XL line burner. It is made of powder-coated steel. Both materials are perfect for use as a fireplace.


Absorption function.

the cavity (the chamber) is filled with a special substance. The ceramic systems have a stone built into the interior that absorbs the ethanol. Ceramic wool is responsible for this function in the fleece burner. You soak the fabrics with liquid bio-ethanol, which is immediately absorbed by the wool or the stone. This prevents liquid from escaping even if the chimney is accidentally knocked over.


Extinguish fire.

the cavity (the chamber) is filled with a special fuel wool. Soak them with liquid bio-ethanol, which is immediately absorbed by the wool. This prevents liquid from escaping even if the chimney is accidentally knocked over.

A little hint

The size of the flame image can also be easily regulated with this slide control.

In order to guarantee you the highest level of safety, we and TÜV Rheinland have put the burning inserts through their paces. We want you to run your own fireplace with an absolutely good and safe feeling. So we carried out a severe stress test and crashed an ignited combustion chamber down a flight of stairs. Even with this fall in the stairwell, no burning liquid escaped! We also carried out a stress test with a burn time of several hours. There are no negative experiences here either. The material only got warm, which is quite normal and does not pose a threat to you as a user.

Conclusion: the combustion chamber and the housing are absolutely safe, this has also been confirmed by the TÜV.

The flame image

The firewood creates an even and beautiful, slightly flickering flame pattern. You can still support the liveliness of the flame picture by using our absolutely real-looking wooden decoration. This not only ensures that the fire looks like a wood fire. It also makes for a great play of flames!

In addition, there is our excellent price-performance ratio: Compared to conventional branded products, our models are inexpensive – and yet safe and reliable.

As a supplement, we recommend using a safety glass for your fireplace. In this way you not only protect children and pets, but also yourself. Everyone is inattentive for a moment. In addition, no dust can get into the flame, for example from a gust of wind when airing.

We have the right size for every purpose: the smallest (S) is 22 cm wide and is suitable for smaller projects, for example for table and small wall-mounted fireplaces. Size M is 30 cm wide and size L is 41 cm wide. Both are suitable for medium to large ethanol fireplace projects. Our absolute highlight is the size XL: the width is 93 cm. It is perfect for large chimneys, but also for patio fires or pool fires outdoors.

Our wood and pebble stone decorations also enhance the look of the fireplace. They also ensure more movement and liveliness in the flame image.

We recommend bio ethanol with a purity of 95% -98% for operation.

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